5 determining factors of food photography and styling?

For us, there are 5 determining factors that decides the pricing of food photography and styling.

  1. Photoshoot Session
    For photographers at Food Photography Vancouver, time is one of the most important factor. We are all professoinals that are making a living by contributing our time. Time includes setup and the actual session. Depending on the complexity of the shoot, setting up proper lighting will take 30-60 mins.
    You may ask: “why does it take so much time to set up before taking photos?”. Well, here is what is involved: setting up 2-3 lightings by assembly, setting up the backdrop, and trying out different angles to make sure the lighting is consistent or dramatic, depending on the need.
  2. Equipment
    Equipment also plays a role in the cost. A lot of times, we are carrying $5000 dollars worth or more of equipment around. Like a car, equipment depreciates as we use it and as time progresses, and this is one of the reasons why our hourly rate may range from $50-100 – we either have insurance on our equipment, or we have depreciation to take into consideration.
  3. Material
    When we style food and dishes, materials are needed. We might need fresh fruits, table clothes, wood planks, metal blocks …etc depending on the kind of feel you are looking to establish.
  4. Post Processing
    We might or might not need to post process the photos because we try to make sure the lightings are good when we shoot it so no processing is needed if you are looking to use natural looking images. The reason why we might not post process for you is because of the fact that some people prefer having a graphic designer to design posters, menus…etc.  In this case, it is most cost effective to have the designer process it.
    If post processing is required, the fees generally starts at $15.00/photo. When would you need to process it?For example, if you are looking to have a rustic look, clean look, or a tinted look, then we need to process it to create the feel. It may include putting on filters, brushing in colors, or photoshopping the imperfections.
  5. Creativity
    Creative photos takes time and experience. It requires hours of research before shooting, and it requires purchasing the right material for styling. For this reason, the more creative a photoshoot is, the more time and resource is required. When we are using more time, the cost naturally becomes higher.

I hope that this clarifies some of the questions people have when they wonder why food photography could be so expensive. We also hope that after reading this very quick list, you can appreciate the hard work photographers are using to create the perfect image for your restaurant.

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