Best Food Instagram from Vancouver Street Photographers – OCT 2016

Nathan Dong @Bokehbites

While browsing the foodie instagram, we came across with a lot of amazing food instagram accounts from street photographers based in Vancouver. One of which captured our attention is Nathan Dong, whose handle is @BOKEHBITES.  This account has 4883 followers at the time of writing, and it’s only been around for 7 month with 200 posts – this is a staggering result of 240 followers/post! We love this instagram for a variety of reason, and we can see why it gets traction so quickly.

City + Coffee

Besides the consistent color/lightings it uses everytime, its THEME is what made us love it so much. Clearly, there are a few themes to this instagram.

One of which I will focus on is the drinks theme. The bokeh background is not randomly chosen. This photographer had held the drink on a elevator, capturing the shot perfectly centered, which tells the stories of drinking this city drink while on the go.


Outdoor + Healthy Drink

Another set of photo we love is this healthy green and red juice with a background of mountain and waterfront. The image planted the idea of being active/outdoor means drinking healthy juice. Brilliant.  

This goes to show that if you put your heart into photography and not just capture random images, people will appreciated it. As camera gets more popular and photo apps gets easier to use, quality of images overall goes down. This is exactly why we believe that good non-spammy accounts will be even more popular than ever.

Here is the instagram account, if you want to follow it.

BokehBites Food Instagram

We love its name too, Bokehbites, it really describes what the instagram is all about.




Restaurant Marketing Idea Inspired by Bokehbites

Inspired by this account, here is an idea for restaurant marketing in Vancouver. Travel with your food to different places and instagram it! If you are a sushi chef, make you sushi in the wild? Or maybe take a photo of your single sushi in an office environment or whatever you want to be associated with? Energy drinks have been doing the same thing, sponsoring all these extreme high energy sports, such as drifting and racing. Why not local restaurants at a smaller, more casual style?