How to take good photos of a pizza?

About Pizza photos.

Pizza is one of the most challenging food to photoshoot because of it’s flat shape. Without touching the food or integrating some kind of movement in the photos, the angles that we can work with is limited. The¬†key is to try to find an angle that will allow you to fill 60-70% of the frame and shift it a little bit to the side to make the visuals more balanced – think about this as aligning your paragraphs to the left.

3 Mins Photography Tips for Photoshooting Pizzas:

1. Include utensils, drinks, and ingredients around the pizza

2. Frame the it slightly off centered to the right or left ( around 5% shift)

3. Find an angle to fill the frame with pizza to anywhere between 60-80%, depending on your environment

4. Stay with a F stop of 5.6-8. Staying too shallow will make the ingredients too blurred out that it becomes hard to focus on the food

5. Use a reflector to reduce the shadows underneath the dishes

6. Try a top down view of Pizza, although it is almost over-used in every photos.


Examples of Pizza Styling and Photography: