Social Media Photoshoot for SPAGHeTEI – a Japanese Spaghetti Restaurant

Hello Guys, this time we did a super quick photoshoot with natural lighting at the restaurant. The shoot was really quick and completed without any photography lighting equipment (we didn’t even have a flash). This is to show that even a tiny bit of styling, angles, and natural lighting next to the window can produce better than average results.



These are not the typical photos we would use for the high quality poster or menu because of the lack of creativity and styling. However, these images would be more than enough for social media. It took us about 2 hr to shoot all dishes.



One thing we would do differently next time though (if more time and budget is allowed), is to get some of the raw ingredients from the kitchen, such as onions, red/green peppers, or pasta, as decorations along the dishes. It would allow us to create images that looks even more creative.



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