Online Marketing Strategy Feature – VISTEK – Camera Store

VISTEK is a Canadian digital media store with passions in digital media production. We decided to feature them because of their good wills on building a directory for photographers. Their website features a section where they list all the photographers in Canada, helping promote the service of professional photography.

We are really grateful of what VISTEK has done and the impact that it has on our food photography community. If you have a moment, check out Vistek | Canada’s Photo, Video and Digital Store.

In addition to all these positive feedbacks to them, I’d also like to talk about how smart Vistek is on doing this.


Not only did they build a community of photographer on the internet to help the photographers grow, they are growing their customer base!


After all, without these photographers, there will be a significant drop in the need for equipments, prints …etc I believe that Vistek’s role in community involvement is irreplaceable, and we hope that one day, we can achieve the same result with our website and service. Build a community around food photography with us!