Restaurant Social Media Photography Tips from Food Photographers

Instagram is inevitably the most popular social media platform for sharing food images. All restaurants should get on instagram for this reason – tons of digital influencers will connect with you and help you spread words (if your food is good enough).

Here are some tips that we find useful when starting your social media account:

1. Get a good camera (or camera phone):
If you are using a phone, there are only two phones we would recommend for fast and sharp images – the latest Samsung Galaxy S. Galaxy S series are always known for having the best camera on an android smartphone. At the time of writing, the best one is Galaxy S7. If you use iPhone, then it is equally good. iPhone has been consistently getting the best camera smartphone awards throughout different reviews.

2. Do not shoot in portrait view:
On social media platforms, such as facebook and instagram, your photos are always cropped to either square or rectangle. For this reason, just shoot everything in landscape, and preferably, as close to a square as possible to save you any trouble editing in the future.

3.  Do not use built-in flashes (without a reflector or puffer):
built-in flashes are really strong and will make the image lighting look inconsistent. Unless you are doing it on purpose, do not use it.

4. Shoot under natural lighting:
most of the time, your restaurant lighting is too dim for your camera. Therefore, try to shoot while the sun is still out, and shoot beside your windows. It will make a day and night difference.

5.  Styling your photos with a creative table clothes,
or anything with interesting texture. This has no rules, but the only rule is to try out different options. It could be linen, could be a chopping board, or even on wooden floor.

vancouver-commercial-food-photographer - 5Here is an example above, The above image was a screenshot from a video session we did with Mission Kits restaurant in Vancouver. The background has interesting typography, and in my opinion, give it a feeling of western, higher-end cuisine. Thus, depending on your application, try out different background.

6. Experiment with different angles and get up close:
By different angles, I mean drastically different angles. Place your food and ingredient on a wooden floor, and shoot from top down. Try it.

7. Style your image with appetizers or ingredients:
Styling is what makes one food images really stand out from others. You might be placing the ingredients around the dish, or you may be placing the mint leaves on your dish differently so it’s more beautiful. Either way, it does not have to be done the same as how it is served. We are trying to create a beautiful image here, so don’t stick to the rules.

As alway, hope what we are doing here helps your business thrive. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. All you need to do is to send us a message on our Food Photography Vancouver Facebook page.


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