TEISHOKU Poster Design for a Japanese Restaurant in Vancouver

Vancouver Restaurant marketing

We recently completed a poster design for a Japanese restaurant in Vancouver. The poster features Kanji, English, and professional food photography and styling.

We were hoping to achieve a healthier fresh look, so in attempt of doing so, we decided to go for a white background, with wooden trays, and organic looking cloth.

Here is the original before we do our magic on it or any image processing:



Before the design, we spent a long time looking through references and inspirations online and offline. A good tip for designers or restauranteurs is that you should try to think more, look more, travel more, and make less. When you think and look more, you get away from getting stuck and doing your own thing. The tip is to make as many variations as possible, and get inspired from the trends on the street and around the world. It often yields very interesting results if you are able to get inspired during your travels (so take lots of photos when you travel!)


Which poster design do you prefer for a Japanese Restaurant?

Here are two variations shown below.  If you like our work, please leave us a message in contact form. We’d really appreciate your comments.

Japanese Restaurant Poster Design

Japanese Restaurant Poster Design

Japanese Restaurant Poster Design


That’s it for now! If you enjoyed the work or need any help with design or photos, message us while we are still available!