Yakiniukya Vancouver Restaurant Marketing and Windows Design

vancouver restaurant menu designs

Yakinikuya is a restaurant that offers premium Japanese style BBQ with Korean influence. We have been working with them for a long time. This time, they have requested us to help design some posters and window menus. Some requirements are as follows:

1. Large bold typography heavy design.

2. A sushi poster because a lot of customers can’t tell whether they offer sushi when walking by.

3. A BBQ poster with messaging that they offer the best and most premium Japanese style BBQ in town.

4. A typography based menu to be displayed at the front when people are waiting in line or when they are curious about what the offering is.


Here is what we came up with.

The posters that will be hanged at the frontYakinikuya-poster-mockup-combined

Typography based poster menu at the close-up windows:



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